Reed Calls for Reverse on NYS Fracking Ban

Jun 4, 2015
Press Release
New EPA Report finds Hydraulic Fracturing Safe

Today, the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that hydraulic fracturing poses no credible threat to public drinking water. The comprehensive study is a compilation which includes over 950 sources of information from stakeholders and peer-reviewed EPA scientific reports to published research papers and technical reports.

“Hydraulic fracturing can be done safely and the comprehensive science in this report once again validates this,” said Reed. “The New York State fracking ban costs us jobs, limits our nation’s path toward energy independence, which keeps production costs high for manufacturers and even violates the constitutionally protected rights of our landowners. With that in mind, I am calling on Governor Cuomo to reverse his unilateral and politically motivated decision to ban fracking in New York State.”

According to a recent New York State Department of Environmental Conservation report, the ban is costing the state roughly 54,000 jobs, many of which would be found in Western New York.

The full EPA report can be found here